Wire Brushes for Angle Grinders

X-LOCK Wire Wheels

For small angle grinders

  • X-LOCK Wire Wheels provide aggressive cleaning performance
  • Wire wheels with the X-LOCK mount design – offers a faster, fixed mount and high-quality materials
  • X-LOCK wheel change – features snap-on wheel mounting and a release lever for change-out that's up to five times faster
  • Tool-free disc swap – the wheel mounts properly without the need for a spanner wrench or flange nuts for no losable parts
  • Robust applications for metal – designed to be ideal for deburring metal, bead weld prep, cleaning welds and edge blending
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Non Ferrous Metals
Metal Pipes & Profiles
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Wire thickness in 2 options

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X-LOCK Wire Wheels
For small angle grinders

Click it on with X-LOCK – the fastest accessory-changing system on the market.

Product Options

Available product options: 5

Model number Brush width in Diameter in Max. RPM Wire thickness in Pack quantity
WBX418 4.5 4.5 12,500 0.012 1
WBX428 4.5 4.5 12,500 0.02 1
WBX409 4.5 4.5 12,500 0.02 1
WBX408 4.5 4.5 12,500 0.02 1
WBX429 4.5 4.5 12,500 0.02 1

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