• How do I find my nearest Bosch distributor?

    • The easiest way to find the closest Bosch distributor to you is by inputting your area or zip code into the Where to Buy Locator.

  • How do I have a product question answered?

    • Bosch Customer Service can be contacted online at or by phone at 1-877-BOSCH99.

  • My local distributor doesn’t carry a particular Bosch product. How can I get it?

    • You have a few options:

      Every Bosch distributor can special order any product specifically for you at any time.

      Check out how you can buy Bosch online.

      Use the Where to Buy Locator to find another distributor in your area that is carrying the product.

  • Can I buy Bosch online?

    • Visitors to BoschTools.com have two options for purchasing Bosch online:

      Visit each product’s detail page at BoschTools.com and select one of the featured online distributors listed on the left side. This will take you directly to a Bosch preferred online partner.

      Visit our Online Partner page for a list of trusted online distribution partners.

  • How do I find the closest Bosch Factory or Authorized Service Center or Rapid Repair partner?

  • How can I find Bosch Service Centers in the Caribbean?

    • A full list of Bosch Caribbean Service centers can be found here.

  • What is Rapid Repair®?

    • Whether it’s routine maintenance or a major overhaul, when you need service on your power tool and you want it done fast, and you wanted to be convenient. Bosch factory Service Centers have partnered with many of our leading dealers to bring you Bosch RapidRepair®. To learn more, see the RapidRepair® page.

  • What is the standard Bosch warranty?

  • What is PROVANTAGE™?

    • PROVANTAGE™ is Maximum Up-Time™ Guaranteed; a three-year protection plan designed to keep your tools up and running at all times. To learn more, see the PROVANTAGE™ page.

  • How can I obtain Bosch Use & Care Manuals or Illustrated Parts Lists for Bosch power tools?

    • Owner's Manuals & Parts Diagrams for current tools are maintained in PDF format for easy download on BoschTools.com here. If your tool is an older model not listed on the website, contact us at 1-877-BOSCH99 or email us with your return information. If available, we will email, fax, or mail a copy at no-charge.

  • How do I purchase Bosch parts?

    • Contact your local Factory Service or Authorized Service Center. See Service Center Locator for contact information.

  • How do I learn more about the Bosch family of products?

    • To learn more about Bosch Power Tools and Accessories, visit About Bosch Tools.

      To learn more about Bosch Automotive, Appliances, Water Heaters, Security Systems, Audio, Industrial and Manufacturing, visit www.boschusa.com.

      To learn about Bosch Europe, visit www.bosch.com.

  • How can I begin selling Bosch?

    • Contact Bosch at 877-BOSCH99 for more information.


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