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Bosch E-Repair. Faster, easier and convenient way to repair your tool and get you back on the job.

Bosch E-Repair Network

We understand how important it is for you to minimize downtime and to get back on the job. Bosch E-Repair provides you a faster way to submit your tool information and customize your repair request. With a few clicks you will have a prepaid FedEx shipping label in your hands to send your tool for repair from any FedEx store location to a Bosch Authorized Service Center.

Follow the easy steps below and with our nationwide repairs centers nationwide, your Power Tool and Measuring Tool will be repaired quickly by factory-trained technicians using genuine Bosch service parts.

How to Ship Your Tool in for Repair

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  1. Fill out the E-Repair form. Save some time by login to your profile and your contact information will be auto-populated.
  2. Print your completed E-Repair form and include it with your packaged tool.
  3. Print your Prepaid FedEx shipping label and affix to the box. if approved, your repaired tool will be shipped free of charge, else freight will be your responsibility.
  4. Drop-off the box at a regular FedEx drop-box, or drop tool(s) off at the selected repaired location.


Due to strict hazmat requirements and regulations of the US Department of Transportation regarding how Lithium Ion batteries are shipped, do not send the battery with your tool. DOT requires proper labeling to be placed on the outside of the box when shipping Lithium Ion batteries. no battery should be shipped. To learn more about battery compliance regulations download:

"Lithium Battery Shipping Overview" Click here

"Lithium Battery Mark" Click here


Prior to sending in the vacuum please ensure that any waste collected, including but not limited to any hazardous materials, are removed. By removing the waste container from the vacuum, no special labeling or documentation is required when shipping.

  • Remove the waste container from the vacuum
  • Enclose vacuum head in a plastic bag
  • Place the plastic bag in a sturdy box or shipping bin with plenty of packing material

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