Flap Discs, Fiber Discs and Backing Pads

X-LOCK Fiber Discs

Click it on with X-LOCK – the fastest accessory-changing system on the market

  • X-LOCK Fiber Discs off exceptional speed and durability in metal finishing
  • Fiber disc designed for backing pad with an X-LOCK mount – offers a faster, fixed mount and high-quality Zirconia grit
  • X-LOCK wheel change – features snap-on mounting and grinder lever wheel release for change-out that's up to five times faster
  • Tool-free disc swap – features an audible snap when mounted, without a spanner wrench or a flange nut
  • Backward compatible – Bosch X-LOCK fiber discs are backward compatible with standard 7/8 In. arbor mounts
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Non Ferrous Metals
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Grit 6 options

Choose a pack size 25

X-LOCK Fiber Discs
Click it on with X-LOCK – the fastest accessory-changing system on the market

Fits tools of most brands


Fits small X-LOCK angle grinders and standard locking nut small angle grinders with 7/8" arbor mounts.

Product Options

Available product options: 18

Model number Grit Perforation Pack quantity
FBX45100 100 no holes 25
FBX45120 120 no holes 25
FBX4524 24 no holes 25
FBX4536 36 no holes 25
FBX4560 60 no holes 25
FBX4580 80 no holes 25
FBX5100 100 no holes 25
FBX5120 120 no holes 25
FBX524 24 no holes 25
FBX536 36 no holes 25
FBX560 60 no holes 25
FBX580 80 no holes 25
FBX6100 100 no holes 25
FBX6120 120 no holes 25
FBX624 24 no holes 25
FBX636 36 no holes 25
FBX660 60 no holes 25
FBX680 80 no holes 25

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