Router Attachments, Palm Routers

PR004 Professional

Router Attachments, Palm Routers

Palm Router Offset Base with Roller Guide

  • For use with Bosch PR10E and PR20EVS Colt Palm Routers
  • The offset base's belt-driven offset spindle allows routing near vertical surfaces, such as when trimming laminate applied to top of installed countertop backsplash
  • The quick-clamp system allows the motor to be easily moved from base to base
  • Durable aluminum and steel construction
  • The spindle lock allows for easy bit changes
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PR004 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Material Aluminum
Max Bit Diameter 3/4"
Notes When 3/4" bit is used, the distance from bit to vertical surface ahead is only 1/2". If black offset spindle cover is removed, the distance is reduced to 3/8".
Used on Model No. Bosch PR10E and PR20EVS Palm Router Motors
Weight 1.5 lb
Works With Palm Routers and Motors, PR20EVS, PR10E
Includes Base Cover
Phenolic Subbase
(1) - 1/4" Self-Releasing Collet
Drive Gear
Special roller guide for PR004
Comfortable Forged Wrench

PR004 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

This offset base for Bosch Colt palm routers allows you to rout near vertical surfaces, such as laminate applied to the top of a countertop backsplash. The quick-clamp system lets you easily move the motor from base to base. The spindle lock allows easy bit changes and bit depth adjustment.

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