Track/Plunge Saw Attachments

FSNKZW Professional

Track/Plunge Saw Attachments

Track Quick Clamps (2 pc.)

  • Quick clamp design – locks into Bosch track-saw tracks to secure the tracks to the workpiece with a squeeze of a trigger
  • Durable steel fastening tabs – fit in the slots in the ends of the track for fast locking
  • Push-button release mechanism – unlocks the clamps quickly
  • Part of a light, convenient, portable system – easily transportable saw and track system (sold separately) provide an alternative to a table saw
  • Works with Bosch Track Saw with Plunge Action – provides fast, easy setup for one-step straight and clean finish cuts in wood and wood-based sheet goods such as laminated particle boards and plywood
  • Full range of optional track attachments – designed to deliver the best cutting experience
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FSNKZW Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Height in 11.7 "
Material Metal
Weight 1.8 lb
Works With Tracks, FSN800, FSN800-32, FSN1100, FSN1600, FSN1600-32, FSN2100
Includes (2) Track Quick Clamps

FSNKZW Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The Track Quick Clamps are designed to lock into Bosch track-saw tracks to secure the tracks to the workpiece with a squeeze of a trigger. The ratcheting FSNKZW Track Quick Clamps have metal fastener tabs that fit in the slots in the end of the tracks, providing fast locking. They provide push-button fast release. The tracks (sold separately) are part of the Bosch Track Saw and track-guidance system, which allows precise end-to-end cuts and plunge cuts. They are very easy to work with. The track saw, along with the tracks, can be a more-easily transportable alternative to a table saw to a jobsite. The cuts are table-saw quality, with virtually no splinters.

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