Saw Dust Attachments

TS1004 Professional

Saw Dust Attachments

Dust Bag for Table Saw

  • For use with Bosch 4000, 4100, GTS1031, GTS1041A table saws and competitor saws that have a 2-1/2 In. dust port on the exterior of the saw
  • Helps keep work area cleaner
  • Collects up to 70% of dust and particles
  • Easily attached and emptied
  • Includes wire frame for attaching bag to table saw's dust port and for support of top seam of bag

TS1004 Professional

TS1004 Professional

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Order number: 2610998562

Technical data

The most important data

HEPA Filter No
Material TC Long and Short Fiber
Used on Model No. 4000, 4100, GTS1031, GTS1041A
Works With Table Saws, 4000, 4100, 4100XC, GTS1031, and GTS1041A, Competitor saws that have a 2-1/2 In. dust port on the exterior of the saw
Includes Dust bag and wire support frame

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Product Highlights

This dust bag is designed for use with the Bosch 4000, 4100, GTS1031, and GTS1041A table saws. It also can be used with other table saws that have 2-1/2 inch dust ports on the exterior of the saw. It collects up to 70% of the generated saw dust. Easy to install. Easy to empty.

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