Router Attachments, Palm Routers

PR009 Professional

Router Attachments, Palm Routers

Round Subbase for Use with PR001 Fixed Base for PR10E and PR20EVS Palm Router Together with RA-series Template Guides

  • For use with Bosch PR001 fixed base for PR10E and PR20EVS colt palm routers
  • Accepts Bosch RA-series template guides (not included)
  • Precision centering design makes it easy to follow intended cut line when using jigs, templates, dovetail fixtures and similar guidance devices
  • Smooth, long wearing phenolic construction

PR009 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Material Phenolic
Subbase Opening 1-9/16"
Used on Model No. Works with Bosch PR001 Fixed Base for PR10E and PR20EVS Palm Routers. Accepts Bosch RA-Series Templet Guides and RA1100 Interface for common ThermoGuard Templet guides
Weight 0.5 lb
Works With Palm Routers, PR20EVS, PR10E, Palm Router Fixed Base, PR001, Template Guides, RA-Series Template Guides, Adapter for Common Threaded Template Guides, RA1100, Centering Device for Subbases and Attached Template Guides, RA1051
Includes Mounting Hardware

PR009 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The PR009 Subbase allows Bosch RA-Series templet guides to be used with the PR011 Fixed Base of Bosch PR10E and PR20EVS Colt Palm Routers. It is made of Phenolic and features the Bosch router Precision Centering Design, which allows accurate positioning of bit within the subbase and threaded template guides (not included). Mounting hardware is included.

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