Rotary Hammer & Hammer Drill Dust Attachments

HDC400 Professional

Rotary Hammer & Hammer Drill Dust Attachments

1-1/8 In. Hex Chiseling Dust Collection Attachment

  • Unique clamping band with ski-boot type clamp provides easy installation on the hammer
  • Flexible clamping band allows the hose to be adjusted up or down in the band to accommodate different chisel lengths
  • Dust port fits Bosch 1-3/8 In. vacuum nozzles and can also be converted to 1-1/4 In. or 2 In. nozzles using the appropriate adapter (adapters sold separately)
  • Floating rubber shroud allows the shroud to flex up or down should the shroud contact the workpiece during use

HDC400 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Length in 38 "
Material Plastic, rubber
Overall Length in 38
Used on Model No. Fits Bosch 1-1/8" Hex Breaker Hammers and DH1020VC SDS-max Demolition Hammer
Weight 2.8 lb
Works With Compatible Hammers, 11335K, BH2760VC, BH2770VCD, DH1020VC (When used with DH1020VC only for use when tool is pointing downward), Anti-Static Vacuum Hoses, VH1635A (by means of anti-static adapter included with that hose), VAC008, and most other 35 mm anti-static hoses, Other Vacuum Hoses, VH1035 and VH1635 (by means of VX120 adapter included with those hoses), VAC005 and VAC006 hoses, and most other 35 mm hoses, Adapter for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" Hoses, VAC002 or VAC024, Adapter for 2-1/2" Hoses, VAC020
Includes Dust collection attachment

HDC400 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The HDC400 dust collection attachment provides a unique dust collection system for breaker hammers. The ski-boot clamping band makes installation on the tool a snap. The clamp housing allows the attachment to be installed on the tool so that the dust collection shroud can be positioned near the chisel tip for optimum dust extraction. The clamp housing also can be adjusted up or down on the tool to accommodate a small variety of chisel lengths. The system also allows the dust collection shroud to float up or down should it make contact with the work piece during use. The dust port fits Bosch 1-3/8 In. vacuum nozzles but can also fit 1-1/4 In. to 2 In. nozzles with the appropriate adapter.

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