18V Jig Saws
Cordless-Jig-Saw-GST18V-60CN-Bosch-walkaround Cordless-Jig-Saw-GST18V-60CN-Bosch-walkaround
Jig-Saw-18V-GST18V-60CN-Baretool-Bosch-Mug2 Jig-Saw-18V-GST18V-60CN-Baretool-Bosch-Mug2
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jig-saw-18V-GST18V-60CN-bosch-app5-V2 jig-saw-18V-GST18V-60CN-bosch-app5-V2
jig-saw-18V-GST18V-60CN-bosch-app1-V2 jig-saw-18V-GST18V-60CN-bosch-app1-V2
jig-saw-18V-GST18V-60CN-bosch-app3-V2 jig-saw-18V-GST18V-60CN-bosch-app3-V2
Brushless-Jig-Saw-18V-GST18V-60C-Application-Cutting Brushless-Jig-Saw-18V-GST18V-60C-Application-Cutting
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GST18V-60CN Professional

18V Jig Saws

18V Brushless Connected Top-Handle Jig Saw (Bare Tool)

  • Brushless 18V jig saw design – delivers corded performance, with up to 3,800 no-load strokes per minute
  • Adjustable blade guide/channel – minimizes blade deflection while performing straight or curve cuts
  • Four pendulum stages – delivers varied blade strokes to shift from fast cutting to cleaner cuts
  • Connectivity – link to connected device via Bosch Toolbox App to pre-select speeds, turn the light on and off, and provide information on drop control events via Bosch Toolbox App
  • Tool-free blade-change system – permits fast, convenient blade insertion and ejection
  • Variable-speed trigger – provides control over the operating speed by feathering the trigger
  • Onboard user interface – provides speed-setting control and tool-status feedback
  • Precision control - saw blade channel helps remove fish tailing during curve cutting
  • Dust blower – keeps the cut line visible and free of dust
  • LED light – illuminates the cut line in dark work areas
  • Large die-cast aluminum footplate – includes a no-mar plastic overshoe for greater stability
  • AMPShare™ System – designed to be multi-brand compatible across many cordless products to make managing your work day easier
  • AMPShare™ System compatibility – 18V batteries and chargers are compatible with Bosch 18V power tools and a growing list of cordless products from AMPShare™ brands
  • Bosch 18V cordless power tools are covered by a five year limited warranty – for details, visit https://rb-pt.io/PowerToolWarranty or call 1-877-BOSCH99

GST18V-60CN Professional

GST18V-60CN Professional

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Order number: 06015B1011

Technical data

The most important data

Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Battery/Charger Not Included
Bevel Angle Range
Case Type No Case Included
Dust Blower Yes
Height in 8 "
Jig Saw Blade Type Jig Saw T-Shank
Length in 9.6 "
Max. Bevel Capacity (°) 0
Max. Capacity in Steel 3/8"
Max. Capacity in Wood 6-1/8"
No Load SPM 0-3,800
Stroke Length (in) 1
Variable Speed Yes
Weight 4.4 lb
Weight (lbs.) 4.4
Width in 3.2 "
Works With Articulating Dust Extraction Kit, JA1012, Circle And Parallel Cutting Guide, JA1010, Anti-Splinter Insert, JA1013
Includes (1) GST18V-60C 18V Brushless Connected Top-Handle Jig Saw
(2) T-Shank Jig Saw Blades
(1) Anti-Splinter Insert
(1) Plastic Overshoe

GST18V-60CN Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

This 18V cordless jig saw is optimized for curve cuts, even through thicker material. The Bosch GST18V-60C 18V Top-Handle Jig Saw features a brushless motor that delivers corded performance, with 0 to 3,800 strokes per minute speed. It features an adjustable blade guide/channel, which minimizes blade deflection while performing straight or curve cuts. The jig saw has four pendulum stages, to shift from fast cutting to cleaner cuts. Connecting to the jig saw allows user to pre-select speeds, turn the light on and off, and provide information on drop control events via Bosch Toolbox App It has a variable-speed trigger, which provides control over the operating speed by feathering the trigger. The jig saw is compatible with guide rail and circle adapter. The cut lines stay visible due to the dust blower and LED light. The jig saw features a tool-free T-shank blade-change system. The large die-cast aluminum footplate with no-mar plastic overshoe to help prevent damage to the workpiece.

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