Positioning Devices/Ceiling Clips

BM3 Professional

Positioning Devices/Ceiling Clips

Positioning Device

  • Fine Adjustment Knob - For quicker and more accurate adjustment of horizontal level
  • Versatile - Magnetically attach to metal, set on floor with retractable feet, mount to drywall with screws or clip to ceiling grid
  • 1/4 In. -20 Thread - For use with lasers up to 1 lb. in weight
  • Spring Clip - For quick setup in a ceiling grid applications
  • Use the laser for all applications without detaching the tool from the mount
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BM3 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Height Adjustment Range Not Featured
Length in 8 "
Material Plastic
Weight 1 lb
Width in 4.25 "
Works With Combination/Point Alignment Lasers, GCL 2-160, GCL 25, GCL100-40G, GCL100-80C, GCL100-80CG, GPL 5, GPL 3, GPL 2, GPL100-30G, GPL100-50G, Line Lasers, GLL 30, GLL40-20G, GLL 55, GLL 100 G, GLL100-40G, GLL 3-50, GLL 2-20, GLL50-40G, GLL3-330CG, GLL3-330C, GLL3-300, GLL 150 ECK
Includes (1) BM3 Positioning Device

BM3 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

A versatile positioning device which can be attached to lasers (up to 1 lb.) with 1/4 In. to 20 thread. It can easily be attached to metal surface using very strong magnets, set on floor with retractable feet, or attached to drywall/wood surfaces using the screw hole. The positioning device also comes with a spring clip that is ideal for quick setup during ceiling grid applications.

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