Grinder Attachments

19CG-9 Professional

Grinder Attachments

9 In. Grinder Cutoff Guard

  • Flexible attachment design – works with Bosch 9 In. large angle grinders
  • Extensive area of coverage – covers 180 degrees of cutoff disks
  • Tool-free guard – quickly attaches and adjusts for ease of use
  • Burst-wheel-resistant design – contains wheel fragments in event of breakage
  • Rugged construction – stands up to jobsite conditions
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19CG-9 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Height in 2.5 "
Material Metal
Used on Model No. Compatible with Bosch 1994-6, 1994-6D angle grinders
Wheel Diameter in 9"
Width in 9.75 "
Works With 1900-Series 9" Grinders, 1994-6,1994-6D (Must be used with Type 1 / 1A cutting wheel with maximum 9" diameter)
Includes (1) 19CG-9 9 In. Grinder Cutoff Guard

19CG-9 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

Bosch’s Grinder Cutoff Guards cover 180 degrees of the cutoff disk. They feature a tool-free design for ease of use. The guards have a burst-wheel-resistant designs, and they are built to catch wheel fragments. They have a rugged design. They are made to work with Bosch 9 In. large angle grinders.

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