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Portable Band Saw Blades

For band saws

  • Portable Band Saw Blades deliver fine and precise cuts
  • Advanced bonding technology – provides a bond between backer and cutting edge that is significantly improved and strengthened for stronger, longer-lasting blades
  • Optimized tooth geometry – provides fast and clean cuts in materials such as steel, iron, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal
  • Premium materials – constructed with superior metal to resist heat buildup for longer blade life
  • Built to fit – Bosch portable band saw blades are designed for use in many standard portable band saws
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Metal Pipes & Profiles
Non Ferrous Metals
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Tooth spacing [in] 5 options

Tooth pitch [TPI] 6 options

Choose a pack size 3

Portable Band Saw Blades

Fine and precise cuts

Bosch Portable Band Saw Blades help get the job done cleanly and quickly. They deliver durability and high performance. They are constructed with premium materials that resist heat buildup for longer life.

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Product Options

Available product options: 6

Model number Tooth spacing [in] Tooth pitch [TPI] Pack quantity
PTB4410 0.1 10 3
PTB4414 none 14 3
CBS1014 progressive 10-14 3
PTB4424 0.04 24 3
CBS1418 progressive 14-18 3
PTB4418 0.05 18 3

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