Socket Wrenches

Impact Tough™ Thin-Wall Pro Sockets

For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers, For screwdrivers

  • Impact Tough™ Pro Sockets are highly robust when screw-driving hex screws with impact drivers and wrenches
  • Torque-absorbing construction – provides tension dissipation to absorb high torque of newer impact drivers
  • Hex interface – made to fit 1/4 In. hex impact drivers
  • Thin-wall design – made to fit into tight spaces
  • Hardened-core manufacturing – increases socket strength, for reduced breakage
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Stainless Steel
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Impact Tough™ Thin-Wall Pro Sockets

Highly robust sockets

Bosch Impact Tough™ Hex Sockets feature torque-absorbing construction and have been upgraded to work with 1/4 In. hex impact drivers. This impact-rated socket absorbs torque peaks to reduce stress on the fastener. It is enhanced to handle a new generation of higher torque impact drivers.

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Product Options

Available product options: 8

Model number Drive end Inch Length in Shank Pack quantity
ITSA12 1/2 2" 1/4" external hex 1
ITSA14 1/4 2" 1/4" external hex 1
ITSA38 3/8 2" 1/4" external hex 1
ITSO1414 1/4 - 1/4" external hex 1
ITSO1438 3/8 - 1/4" external hex 1
ITSO14516 5/16 - 1/4" external hex 1
ITSO14716 7/16 - 1/4" external hex 1
ITSO14916 9/16 - 1/4" external hex 1

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