Screwdriver Bits

Driven Sets

For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers, For screwdrivers

  • Driven Sets provide 50X life over standard bits
  • Driven design – provides 50X life over standard bits, with a torsion zone built to last, hardened surface and precision tip
  • Precision-milled bit tips – deliver a better fit and less cam-out
  • Torsion zone – built to last, with a new tapered design, it absorbs the torque peaks of impact drivers to avoid breakage
  • Heat-treated bit manufacturing – provides more durable bits
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Stainless Steel
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Driven Sets
For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers, For screwdrivers

Fits tools of most brands


Hex shank for maximum power transfer in standard three-jaw drills and hexagonal drill driver chucks.

Highly robust bits

The Bosch Custom Case System is compatible with Driven Bits, delivering the best case for the best bits. The Bosch Driven range of screwdriving bits delivers 50X life over the Bosch standard bit. The Driven bit has a torsion design built to last, with a new tapered design that absorbs torque peaks to reduce stress at the bit’s tip. This allows it to handle a new generation of higher torque impact drivers.

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Product Options

Available product options: 10

Model number Length in Dimensions Pack quantity
DDMSD20 Various P1 20
DDMSD40 Various - 40
ITDDV08C - - 8
ITDSLV104C - - 4
SDMSD24 Various - 24
SDMSD32 Various - 32
SDMSD40 Various - 40
SDMSD44 Various - 44
SDMSD45 Various - 45
SDMSD48 Various - 48

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