Sanding & Polishing

Detail Sanding Triangles for Wood

For oscillating multi-tools, For detail sanders

  • Detail Sanding Triangles for Wood for an exceptional finish when keying and sanding wood and paint surfaces
  • Premium resin-bonded aluminum oxide open coat
  • Front-side punching enhances dust control
  • When used with sanders such as the Bosch 1294VSK corner/detail sander kit professionals can access corners and edges otherwise difficult to reach
  • Hook-and-loop attachment to the tool
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Paint on Wood
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Detail Sanding Triangles for Wood

Quality finish

Red detail sanding triangles are for use on wood projects. Applications include multipurpose sanding on hardwoods such as oak and yellow pine or building boards like plywood.

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Product Options

Available product options: 8

Model number Sheet dimensions in Grit Perforation Pack quantity
CS101 3.75 100 no holes 1
SDTR000 3.75 60, 120, 240 6 holes 6
SDTR040 3.75 40 6 holes 5
SDTR060 3.75 60 6 holes 5
SDTR080 3.75 80 6 holes 5
SDTR120 3.75 120 6 holes 5
SDTR180 3.75 180 6 holes 5
SDTR240 3.75 240 6 holes 5

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