Concrete Nails

Collated Wood-To-Concrete Nails

For framing nailers

  • Collated Wood-To-Concrete Nails are ideal for framing
  • Knurled structure – nails attach wood to concrete
  • Made for the Bosch concrete nailer – designed for use with the GNB18V-12 cordless 18V Concrete Nailer
  • Tested and certified (ICC) – the nails and the GNB18V-12 Concrete Nailer were tested and certified together
  • 22-shot collated magazine – included with nailer; 44-pin extra-capacity magazine sold separately
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Fresh Concrete

Collated Wood-To-Concrete Nails

Attaches wood to concrete

Bosch collated wood-to-concrete nails are designed for use with the GNB18V-12 cordless 18V Concrete Nailer. Featuring a knurled structure, the fasteners join wood to concrete. The Bosch 18V concrete nailer comes with both a 22-shot collated magazine (an extra-capacity magazine, which can hold up to 44 collated pins, is sold separately), and a single shot nose piece.

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