Hole Saws

Bi-Metal Hole Saw Sets

For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers

  • Bi-Metal Hole Saw Sets offer fast cuts in wood and metal
  • Professional hole saw design – features improved durability, clean performance and easier plug removal in multiple materials
  • Enhanced M42 alloy – contains 8% cobalt alloy to withstand high-temperature applications and deliver 20% more life, and it is stronger for cleaner cuts
  • Triangle slot design – improves efficiency of plug removal and reduces heat due to triangle shark tooth shape
  • Progressor tooth design – hole saws feature alternating teeth size for performance, cutting faster and lasting longer in wood, metal and plastic materials
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Stainless Steel Sheets
Steel Sheets
Wood with Metal
Metal Pipes & Profiles
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Bi-Metal Hole Saw Sets

Progressor for wood and metal hole saw

Fast cuts in wood and metal

The Bosch General-Purpose Professional Bi-Metal Hole Saw set is an easy-carry all-in-one kit, which contains 11 different hole saw sizes that help you tackle most common applications. Bosch Bi-Metal M42 Hole Saws with a Triangle Slot Design are built with improved durability, clean performance and easier plug removal in multiple materials. The hole saw is manufactured with Bosch's enhanced M42 alloy material, which contains 8% cobalt alloy. It is able to withstand high-temperature applications for clean cuts and long life.

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Available product options: 4

Model number Working length in Pack quantity
HBSLKIT 1.75 7
HBT12EL 1.75 12
HBT15M 1.75 15
HSBIM9 1.75 9

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