Wood Drill Bits

Daredevil® Spade Bit Sets

For use with corded and cordless drills

Extra-clean Holes

  • Daredevil® Spade Bits are the ideal choice for extra-clean results
  • Speed drilling – designed to deliver the fastest drilling performance possible through wood for a spade bit, up to 10X faster than conventional spade bits, but with clean hole entry and angled cutting edges for reduced blowout
  • Full-thread tip – delivers outstanding speed through 2x4s by pulling the bit through the wood
  • Contoured paddle design – improves speed with faster chip removal
  • Spur-and-reamer tips – provides cleaner holes by clearing chips faster
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Pressure Treated Lumber
Construction Wood with Mortar and Nails
MDF Medium Density Fiberboard
Multiplex Board
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Diameter inch 3 options

Set contents 6 options

Choose a pack size 6 options

Daredevil® Spade Bit Sets

High Speed Drilling in Wood

High Speed Drilling in Wood
  • 1

    Fast drilling is easy with Bosch Tip Technology.

  • 2

    Self-feeding thread for effortless, high-speed drilling.

  • 3

    Clever wave-shaped spade designed for fast chip removal.

Product Options

Available product options: 10

Model number Diameter inch Set contents Pack quantity
DSB5003 1/2 3 3
DSB5005 3/8 6 6
DSB5006 3/8 6 6
DSB5006P 3/8 6 6
DSB5008P 3/8 8 8
DSB5010 1/4 10 10
DSB5012 1/4 12 12
DSB5013P 1/4 13 13
DSBS5003 1/2 3 3
DSBS5007P 1/2 6 6

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