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Plunge Base for GKF125CE Palm Router

The Bosch PR111 plunge base features smooth plunge action and a spring-lock plunge control lever, greatly enhancing the versatility of Bosch GKF125CE palm router. The quick-clamp system allows the palm router’s motor to be easily moved from base to base. The plunge base’s depth adjustment system includes a seven-step adjustable depth stop turret plus microfine adjustment on depth rod for fast, accurate bit depth setting. The precision centering design makes it easy to center the subbase to keep the bit on intended cut line when using jigs, templates, dovetail fixtures and similar guidance devices. The included translucent polycarbonate subbase provides enhanced visibility for accurate positioning.

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  • (1) Plunge Base for GKF125CE Palm Router


  • Palm router plunge base design – durably built base designed for easy and precise plunge routing, compatible with Bosch GKF125CE palm routers
  • Extremely smooth and precise plunge action - for easy and accurate plunge routing
  • Microfine adjustment – accurate depth setting on the depth rod for precision
  • Quick-clamp system – allows motor to be easily moved from base to base
  • Precision Centering design – enables the subbase (and, if attached, an optional template guide bushing) to be accurately centered, making it easy to keep bit on the intended cut line when using jigs and other guidance devices
  • Translucent polycarbonate subbase – provides enhanced visibility for accurate positioning
  • Plunge lock-release lever – conveniently located to allow maximum control
  • Contoured soft-grip handles – provide enhanced control and comfort

Technical Data

Diameter 5-3/4"
Material Aluminum "carriage" and base. Steel posts.
Subbase Opening 2"
Weight 3.55lb
Works With Palm Router and Router Motor
Router Guide
Template Guide System
RA1128 Template Guide Set, RA1129 Template Guide Adapter Set
Centering Device for Subbases and Attached Template Guides
Dust Collection Attachments
RA1175 Edge-Forming Dust Hood, PR012 Dust Hood
Includes (1) Plunge Base for GKF125CE Palm Router
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