PR005 Palm Router Tilt Base

Palm Router Tilt Base

Product Description


The PR005 is the Tilt Base for the PR10E and PR20EVS Bosch Palm Routers. It features and quick-release clamp to allow both macro and micro fiine depth adjustment. The tilt angle is also easily adjustable. Its construction includes an aluminum housing and and steel base.


  • Tilt Base with Phenolic Subbase
PR005 Palm Router Tilt Base

Technical Data


Material Aluminum
Max Bit Diameter 1/2"
Weight 1.0lb
Works With Palm Routers and Motors
Includes Tilt Base with Phenolic Subbase


  • For use with Bosch PR10E and PR20EVS Colt Palm Router Motors
  • This tilt base has detents at key angles and allows routing in hard-to-reach areas, such as edge of countertop laminate near backsplash and also routing at special angles
  • The tilt angle adjustment range is 70°, from -30° to 45°
  • There are detents every 7.5° for easy setting of common angles
  • The quick-clamp system allows the motor to be easily adjusted or moved from base to base
  • The depth adkustment system is fast and precise
  • Durable aluminum and steel construction