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SDS-plus® Dust-Collection Attachment

The GDE28D mobile dust extractor allows users of the Bosch GBH18V-28DC 18V Bulldog™ to achieve maximum mobility around the jobsite with a dust-extraction solution, using only one battery. It has a filter cleaning mechanism to help remove excess dust and debris from the filter. It features a HEPA filter, helping users move toward compliance with OSHA silica dust regulations. The extractor mounts to the hammer, allowing use of the hammer’s fan to create suction in the extractor. This collector is activated through the engagement of the hammer trigger. This collector has auto power-on, providing vacuum suction automatically when drilling. It also has auto power-off, with a built-in two-second delay after releasing the hammer trigger, to allow collection of remaining dust. It comes with two Dust-Eye options (one small, one large) and a 4 In. extension. The large Dust-Eye option accommodates bit diameters up to 1-1/8 In. in diameter and the extension accommodates bit lengths up to 10 In. in length. The extractor has an aluminum guide rail for durability and smooth retraction of the Dust Eye during the drilling process. For convenience and flexibility, the dust container is transparent to check the actual dust level. It comes with a "Dust Box Empty Flap." Simply open the flap on the back of the dust extraction unit to easily remove dust.

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  • (1) GDE28D SDS-plus® Dust Collection Attachment
  • (1) Dust Container
  • (1) HEPA Filter
  • (1) 5/8 In. Dust Eye
  • (1) 1-1/8 In. Dust Eye
  • (1) 4 In. Extension


  • Mobile dust extractor design – built to deliver maximum mobility used with the Bosch cordless GBH18V-28DC Bulldog™
  • HEPA filter – allows users to move toward OSHA silica dust regulation compliance
  • Tool battery compatible – mounts to the tool, allowing the use of the hammer’s fan when in use, so no additional battery required
  • Two Dust-Eyes and 4 In. extension – available in 5/8 In. and 1-1/8 In. sizes for use with bits 5/32 In. to 1-1/8 In. in diameter and up to 10 In. in length
  • Aluminum guide rail – provides smooth retraction of the Dust Eye during the drilling application
  • Removable dust container – provides capacity for up to 20 holes using a 1/2 In. diameter bit drilling 1-1/2 In. deep into concrete
  • Dust Box Empty Flap – simply open the flap on the back of the dust extraction unit to easily remove dust
  • Auto-power on – delivers power to the attachment when the user pulls the hammer trigger
  • Transparent dust container – permits monitoring of actual dust level
  • HEPA filter – so users can move toward OSHA silica dust regulation compliance
  • Filter cleaning mechanism – turning the nob helps remove excess dust and debris from the HEPA filter
  • Dust control – reduces harmful airborne silica dust and reduces the labor required for dust clean up

Technical Data

HEPA Filter Yes
Height 7.5"
Length 16.7"
Material Metal, plastic
Max Bit Diameter 5/8"
Overall Length 16.7
Weight 1.8lb
Works With SDS-plus® Rotary Hammer
Includes (1) GDE28D SDS-plus® Dust Collection Attachment, (1) Dust Container, (1) HEPA Filter, (1) 5/8 In. Dust Eye, (1) 1-1/8 In. Dust Eye, (1) 4 In. Extension
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