GAM 270 MFL Digital Angle Finder and Inclinometer

Digital Angle Finder and Inclinometer


Product Description


The Bosch GAM 270 MFL Digital Angle Finder and Inclinometer is five tools in one: a digital angle finder, an inclinometer, a miter cut calculator, a protractor and a digital level. The angle finder provides accurate angle targets, while the inclinometer offers precise measurements in degrees. The tool is also equipped with an integrated laser, allowing the user to transfer inclination measurements up to 100 Ft. The tool has two easy-to-read illuminated, flip displays, one for the inclinometer and one for the angle finder. Users are able to easily reuse and transfer save measurements with the hold function. The cut calculator provides easy saw angle adjustments and a compound miter calculator. Users can find the miter angle using the tool's legs, which have an angle range of 0-270°. The compound miter calculator is used to measure joint angles that are not perpendicular. The tool has clearly labeled buttons for straightforward calculations. The angle finder has robust housing with IP 54 protection.


  • (1) -- Digital angle finder and inclinometer
  • (1) -- Leg Extension
  • (1) - Hard Thermoformed Case
  • (4) -- AA 1.5V Batteries
GAM 270 MFL Digital Angle Finder and Inclinometer

Technical Data


Accuracy 0.1
Angle Accuracy ±0.1°
Battery 4 AA 1.5V Batteries
Battery Life 50 Hours
Compound Cut Input Angle Range 0° – 180°
Dimensions 26.9 x 2.0 x 2.4-in (684 x 52 x 60 mm)
Height 2.4"
Leg Extension Length 16"
Leg Extension Range 0” — 6-3/4”
Length 24.0"
Leveling Accuracy (Vial) +/- 0.05°
Material Aluminum
Range 0° to 270°
Readout Accuracy +/-0.1°
Simple Miter Cut Input Angle Range 0° – 220°
Size 26.9" x 2.0" x 2.4"
Weight 2.4lb
Includes (1) -- Digital angle finder and inclinometer, (1) -- Leg Extension, (1) - Hard Thermoformed Case, (4) -- AA 1.5V Batteries


  • Five tools in one: digital angle finder, inclinometer, miter calculator, protractor and level
  • Digital angle finder delivers accurate angle targets
  • Stores angle and inclinometer measurements in memory for repeated use
  • Inclinometer provides precise measurements in degrees and percentages
  • Two easy-to-read illuminated, flip displays for inclinometer and angle finder
  • Leg extensions – 24 In. long
  • Manual angle finder leg lock, to reposition the same angle
  • Integrated laser for inclination measurements transfer up to 100 ft
  • Robust housing, with IP 54 protection
  • Cut calculator for easy angle adjustments, as well as a compound miter calculator
  • Easy field calibration for consistent results