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8 pc. All-Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

The Bosch All-Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade Set features blades made with bi-metal and high carbon steel construction, delivering maximum life and durability in heavy use. These blades feature teeth that are optimized for cutting efficiency. The kit features a variety of blades designed for key professional applications. The blades will tackle wood, wood with nails, metal, drywall, plastic and PVC and more. These recip blades feature precision-ground teeth designed for fast cutting, high performance and staying sharp longer. By incorporating high-quality materials, best manufacturing processes and proven tooth-design features, Bosch provides professional reciprocating saw blades that cut faster and last longer.

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Technical Data

Kerf 0.035"
Length 9.0"
Material Bi-Metal
Number of Pieces 8.0
Piece Count 8.0
Quantity 8
Includes (1) RW66, (1) RW96, (1) RN96, (1) RTM614, (2) RSN6V, (1) R12V414, (1) R12V46


  • Wood reciprocating saw blades – incorporate high-quality materials and optimized 6 TPI tooth design to cut faster and last longer
  • Metal-cutting blades – feature special design with 3⁰ tilt angle for faster cuts and an optimized 14 TPI count for the metal thickness
  • Reciprocating saw blades designed for wood with nails – incorporate bi-metal construction, reinforced 5/8 variable-pitch teeth for fast cutting and taper backs and plunge tips for easy starts
  • Wood with nails blade construction – provides thick 0.05 In. blade body for less blade flex, vibration and ariable gullet depth
  • Bi-metal material – delivers a hardened cutting edge for outstanding blade durability
  • Precision manufacturing – delivers blades that feature fast cutting and high performance
  • Tackle any project – set provides a variety of blades for different materials and applications

Other sizes

Number of Pieces



(3) RSN6V, (2) RW66, (1) RM614 , (1) RSN9V, (1) RW96

Number of Pieces



(1) RW66, (1) RW96, (1) RN96, (1)RSM6X2, (2) RSN6V, (1) RDN6V

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