Demolition Hammer Dust Attachments

HDC310 Professional

Demolition Hammer Dust Attachments

SDS-max® and Spline Dust-Collection Attachment

  • Targeted dust-collection – focuses air suction from the vacuum around the chisel for maximum dust management
  • Ski-boot style clamping band – provides easy installation and adjustment onto the hammer
  • Adjustable metal extension arm – for easy adjustment, proper positioning, and accommodation of different chisel lengths
  • Rubber bumper – provides cushion on shroud tip to help prevent workpiece damage
  • Three-piece adapter set – allows installation on different-sized SDS-max® / spline rotary hammers (for use in chiseling mode only) and different-sized SDS-max® demolition hammers
  • Bushing tool nosepiece – provides compatibility with Bosch bushing tool accessory
  • 1-3/8-In dust port – fits Bosch dust-extractor vacuum nozzles
  • Bosch PRO+GUARD™ protection system – helps users move toward OSHA silica table 1 dust compliance
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HDC310 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Height in 4 "
Length in 14 "
Material Metal, plastic, rubber
Overall Length in 14
Used on Model No. All Bosch SDS-Max / spline combination rotary hammers and all SDS-Max demolition hammers
Weight 2 lb
Weight (lbs.) 2
Width in 3 "
Works With Compatible Hammers, 11264EVS, 11265EVS, 11316EVS, 11321EVS, DH507, DH712VC, DH1020VC, GBH18V-36C, GBH18V-45C, RH540M, RH540S, RH745, RAH850VC, RH1255VC - NOTE regarding use with combination hammers - ONLY for use in "demolition/chipping" mode. NOT FOR USE IN ROTARY HAMMER MODE., Anti-Static Vacuum Hoses, VH1635A (by means of anti-static adapter included with that hose), VAC008, and most other 35 mm anti-static hoses, Other Vacuum Hoses, VH1035 and VH1635 (by means of VX120 adapter included with those hoses), VAC005 and VAC006 hoses, and most other 35 mm hoses, Adapter for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" Hoses, VAC002 or VAC024, Adapter for 2-1/2" Hoses, VAC020
Includes Dust collection shroud
(1) Metal extension arm
(3) hammer tube adaptors
(1) clamping band
(1) Bushing tool nosepiece

HDC310 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The Bosch HDC310 SDS-Max® and Spline Dust-Collection Attachment is designed to help extract airborne dust in chiseling applications when used with Bosch SDS-max® and Spline Rotary Hammers and Bosch SDS-max® Demolition Hammers. The attachment focuses air suction from the vacuum around the chisel for maximum dust collection and the durable clamping band makes attachment easy to install and adjust on the neck of the hammer. Mount onto a variety of hammer sizes with the included three adaptors and easily access the chisel for installation, removal, and adjustment without removing the attachment. Use with the included bushing tool nosepiece for effective dust collection for bushing tool applications. The attachment works with Bosch PRO+GUARD™ dust solutions, an end-to-end dust-collection system that helps users move toward OSHA Silica Table 1 dust compliance.

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