Metal Drill Bits

Wire Gauge Double-End Black Oxide Drill Bits (Bulk)

For rotary drills/drivers

Drilling with double lifetime

  • Fractional Double-Ended Black Oxide Drill Bit delivers drilling with double the lifetime
  • Speed helix design for three times faster drilling than standard bits
  • Last 50% longer than high-speed steel
  • Easier drilling, reduced heat and extended drill bit life
  • Available in jobber length, stubby length, extended length (aircraft), 1/2 In. reduced shank (Silver and Deming)
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Cast Iron
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12 pieces 30 Dia. x 2-1/8 In. Wire Gauge Double-End Black Oxide Drill Bits BL6030
For rotary drills/drivers

Fits tools of most brands


Cylindrical shank compatible with three-jaw drill chucks.


The Wire Gauge Double-Ended Black Oxide Drill Bit delivers double the drilling lifetime. The bit is usable at both ends due to two drill bit tips and flutes. It is ideally suited for assembly work, car body work and metal machining. It can also be used for drilling rivets or thread holes in thin-walled materials. Use this bit when drilling non-ferrous metal, sheet steel and plastics.

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Part number Diameter (D) Inch Pack quantity
BL6030 30 12

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