Circular Saw Blades

Track Saw Blades

For track saws

  • Track Saw Blades provide precise, smooth cutting performance
  • Bosch Track Saw Blade design – engineered with carbide tips, and the design helps to provide precise, smooth cutting performance
  • ATB tooth geometry – for fast cross cutting, cutoff and trim of wood and plywood
  • Carbide blade tips – formulated for impact damage resistance
  • Anti-vibration slots – deliver precise cutting with the track saw
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Track Saw Blades

Precise, smooth cutting performance

Bosch Precision Pro Series Track Saw Blades are designed for very precise cuts, as well as fast, smooth cuts to sheet goods. The blade tips are made with carbide, which provides impact resistance for long blade life. They have hardened-steel plates to minimize deflection for precise plunge cuts and finish angle cuts.

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Product Options

Available product options: 2

Part number Outer diameter inch Bore Inch Number of teeth Width of cut (b1) in Pack quantity
PRO524TS 5 1/2 25/32 24 0.0709 1
PRO624TS 6 1/2 25/32 24 0.071 1

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