Circular Saw Attachments

WD7RIP Professional

Circular Saw Attachments

Rip Fence for Circular Saws

  • For use with Bosch corded circular saws CSW41, 1677M, 1677MD, 1678, CS5, CS10 and CS20
  • Allows accurate, consistent rip cuts
  • Eliminates the need to repeatedly measure and mark the workpiece
  • Steel construction

WD7RIP Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Material Metal
Size in 15
Used on Model No. CSW41, 1677M, 1677MD, 1677MDT, 1678, CS5, CS10 and CS20
Works With Worm-Drive Circular Saws, CSW41, 1677M, 1677MD, 1677MDT and 1678, Sidewinder Circular Saws, CS5, CS10 and CS20

WD7RIP Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The Bosch WD7RIP is designed to eliminate your need to measure and mark the work piece repeatedly. It's steel construction is designed for long life. Works with Bosch corded circular saws to allow consistent, accurate rip cuts.

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