Rotary Hammer & Hammer Drill Attachments

RHA-50 Professional

Rotary Hammer & Hammer Drill Attachments

SDS-plus® Right Angle Attachment

  • 90 degree angled attachment for Bosch SDS-plus® hammers allows for drilling in concrete in hard to reach places
  • Attachment can be rotated 360 degrees on the tool to obtain the correct working position
  • Provides convenience with a small reduction of tool impact strength
  • Fits most newer Bosch corded SDS-plus® rotary hammers: 11253VSR, 11255VSR. RH228VC, RH328VC and cordless models 11536-C and 11536 VSR
  • Does not fit Bosch models 11250VSR, RH328VCQ, RH432VCQ
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RHA-50 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Description SDS-plus® Right Angle Attachment
Length in 4.5 "
Material Plastic
Works With Most Bosch SDS-plus® Hammers that have the 50 mm collar, 11253VSR, 11255VSR, 11536C, 11536VSR, GBH18V-26, GBH18V-26D, GBH2-26, GBH2-28L, RH228VC, RH328VC, RH328VC-36 (NOT COMPATIBLE with 11250VSR, GBH18V-20, RH328VCQ, RH432VCQ, RHH181, RHS181)

RHA-50 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The RHA-50 SDS-plus® right angle attachment allows for effortless drilling into concrete in tight areas. In. addition, the attachment can also be rotated 360 degrees in order to obtain the correct working position. The RHA-50 is compatible with all newer Bosch corded SDS-plus® hammers featuring the 50 mm collar, including the 11253VSR, 11255VSR, RH228VC, and RH328VC, as well as the cordless RHH181-1, 11536-C and 11536 VSR.

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