Jig Saw Attachments

JA1011 Professional

Jig Saw Attachments

Steel Overshoe for JS572E, JS572EB and JSH180 Jig Saws

  • Protects jig saw’s plastic footplate cover
  • Ideal for use on rough surfaces
  • Installs by sliding over jig saw's plastic footplate cover
  • For use with Bosch JS572E, JS572EB, and JSH180 jig saws

JA1011 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Description Steel Overshoe for JS572-Series Jig Saws
Material Steel
Size in 6-1/2" Long
Used on Model No. Only compatible with Bosch JS572-Series Jig Saws
Works With Corded Jig Saws, JS572E, JS572EB, Cordless Jig Saws, JSH180, GST18V-47
Includes Steel overshoe

JA1011 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

Protects jig saw’s plastic footplate cover. Ideal for use on rough surfaces. Only for use with Bosch JS572-series and JSH180 jig saws.

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