X-LOCK Angle Grinders

GWX18V-13CB14 Professional

X-LOCK Angle Grinders

PROFACTOR™ 18V X-LOCK Connected-Ready 5 – 6 In. Angle Grinder Kit with (1) CORE18V® 8 Ah High Power Battery

  • PROFACTOR™ performance – delivers power comparable to a 13-amp corded grinder and next-gen user control, plus X-LOCK mount
  • X-LOCK wheel change – features click-in mounting and grinder lever wheel release for change-out that's up to five times faster
  • Tool-free disc swap – the wheel mounts properly without the need for a spanner wrench or flange nuts for no losable parts
  • BITURBO Brushless™ Technology – featuring a brushless high-performance motor and drive-train system engineered to take full advantage of the additional power generated by CORE18V® High Power batteries
  • Electronic Clutch Control – helps shut off the tool if the wheel gets into a bind situation
  • Restart protection – helps prevent accidental tool startup if the supply of power is interrupted
  • X-Brake – helps provide a rapid stop of the wheel when the switch is turned off
  • CORE18V® High Power 8 Ah battery – compatible with Bosch 18V tools and delivers 2x more runtime than GBA18V40
  • Spiral bevel gears – provide smooth transmission of power to grinding applications
  • Vibration Control auxiliary handle – allows for improved user comfort and control
  • Lock-on/lock-off slide switch – includes lock-on function for extended-use applications
  • Connectivity (module sold separately) – link to connected device via Bosch Toolbox App to customize settings and receive detailed feedback
  • AMPShare™ System – designed to be multi-brand compatible across many cordless products to make managing your work day easier
  • AMPShare™ System compatibility – 18V batteries and chargers are compatible with Bosch 18V power tools and a growing list of cordless products from AMPShare™ brands
  • Bosch 18V cordless power tools and 18V chargers are covered by a five year limited warranty; Bosch 18V batteries are covered by a three year limited warranty – for details, visit https://rb-pt.io/PowerToolWarranty or call 1-877-BOSCH99
  • All Bosch 18V PROFACTOR™ cordless power tools are backed by a 180-day no-questions-asked return guarantee
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GWX18V-13CB14 Professional

GWX18V-13CB14 Professional

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Order number: 06019H6614

Technical data

The most important data

Adjustable Handle Position Yes
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Height in 4.5 "
Length in 12.5 "
Overload Protection Yes
Rating 18 V
Variable Speed No
Wheel Diameter in 5" - 6"
Width in 6.75 "
Works With Recommended Battery Packs to help achieve maximum tool performance, GBA18V60, GBA18V80 and GBA18V120 Batteries, Bosch Bluetooth® Connectivity Module, GCY42 (See tool manual for its connectivity/app features.), Cutting Dust Extraction/Collection Hoods, 18DC-5E, GA50DC, 18DC-6E, TG502, Surface Grinding Dust Extraction/Collection Hoods, 18SG-5E, Metal Type 1A Cutting Guard, 18CG-5E, 18CG-6E
Includes (1) GWX18V-13C PROFACTOR™ 18V X-LOCK Connected-Ready 5 – 6 In. Angle Grinder with Slide Switch
(1) GBA18V80 18V CORE18V® Lithium-Ion 8 Ah High Power Battery
(1) 18V Charger
(1) Vibration Control Auxiliary Handle
(1) Grinding Wheel Guard
(1) Carrying Bag

GWX18V-13CB14 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The Bosch GWX18V-13CB14 18V X-LOCK Connected-Ready 5 – 6 In. Angle Grinder with Slide Switch kit features a tool that delivers the ultimate combination of performance, control and power in a cordless grinder. It features the X-LOCK mount, offering a wheel change interface that's up to five times faster than conventional interfaces. There’s an audible snap when mounting an X-LOCK wheel on an X-LOCK grinder. The wheel mounts properly without the need for a spanner wrench or flange nuts. The wheel is released from the grinder with the pull of a lever. This tool is part of the PROFACTOR™ System, which pairs BITURBO Brushless™ Technology with a CORE18V® High Power Battery. BITURBO Brushless™ Technology is a high-performance motor and drive-train system designed to deliver power comparable to high-demand corded tools. It has connectivity capability (module sold separately), which links users to a connected device via the Bosch Toolbox App, to control settings. The grinder includes other advanced electronics such as X-Brake, Electronic Clutch Control and restart protection. It features spiral bevel gears and a two-position Vibration Control side handle. The kit includes a CORE18V® 8 Ah High Power Battery, which delivers 50% more runtime and over 75% more power than the CORE18V® 4 Ah battery, powering high-demand applications.

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