18V Standard Angle Grinders
cordless-angle-grinder-AMPShare-CORE18V-GWS18V-10PB14-bosch-walkaround cordless-angle-grinder-AMPShare-CORE18V-GWS18V-10PB14-bosch-walkaround
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cordless-angle-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10P-8Ah-AMPShare-Bosch-dynamic1 cordless-angle-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10P-8Ah-AMPShare-Bosch-dynamic1
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cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app7 cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app7
cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app2 cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app2
cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app4 cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app4
cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app13 cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app13
cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app1 cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app1
cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app8 cordless-grinder-18V-GWS18V-10PN-bosch-app8
Included-Battery-One-8-Ah-18V-Bosch-AMPShare-EC-1000x1000 Included-Battery-One-8-Ah-18V-Bosch-AMPShare-EC-1000x1000
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GWS18V-10PB14 Professional

18V Standard Angle Grinders

18V Brushless 4-1/2 – 5 In. Angle Grinder Kit with Paddle Switch and (1) CORE18V® 8 Ah High Power Battery

  • Ergonomic, robust grinder design – engineered with a narrow grip zone for best user comfort and considerable power
  • Brushless motor – provides comparable 10.0 amps of performance and greater efficiency that maximizes runtime and productivity
  • Constant electronics – helps to maintain a constant speed under load
  • Brake system – helps provide a rapid stop of the wheel when the switch is turned off
  • KickBack Control – helps shut off the tool if the wheel gets into a binding situation
  • Spiral bevel gears – provide smooth transmission of power for grinding and cutting applications
  • Spindle lock – improves convenience and easier change of accessories
  • Adjustable tool-free guard – designed with multiple fixed-adjustment settings to allow the user to position the guard in a variety of working angles
  • Updated gearhead mounting collar – mounting collar on the gearhead is compatible with all Bosch grinder guards
  • Restart protection – helps prevent accidental tool startup if the supply of power is interrupted
  • Multi-grip paddle switch – provides increased grip options for better comfort and control
  • Vibration-control auxiliary handle – allows for improved user comfort and control
  • CORE18V® High Power 8 Ah battery – compatible with Bosch 18V tools and delivers 2x more runtime than GBA18V40
  • AMPShare™ System – designed to be multi-brand compatible across many cordless products to make managing your work day easier
  • AMPShare™ System compatibility – 18V batteries and chargers are compatible with Bosch 18V power tools and a growing list of cordless products from AMPShare™ brands
  • Bosch 18V cordless power tools and 18V chargers are covered by a five year limited warranty; Bosch 18V batteries are covered by a three year limited warranty – for details, visit https://rb-pt.io/PowerToolWarranty or call 1-877-BOSCH99

GWS18V-10PB14 Professional

GWS18V-10PB14 Professional

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Order number: 06019J4111

Technical data

The most important data

Adjustable Handle Position Yes
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Height in 4.3 "
Length in 12.5 "
Overload Protection No
Rating 18 V
Spindle Thread 5/8 -11 UNC
Variable Speed No
Weight 4.3 lb
Weight (lbs.) 4.3
Wheel Diameter in 4-1/2" - 5"
Width in 5 "
Works With Cutting Dust Extraction/Collection Hoods, 18DC-5E, GA50DC, TG502, Surface Grinding Dust Extraction/Collection Hoods, 18SG-5E, Metal Type 1A/41 Cutting Guard, 18CG-45E
Includes (1) GWS18V-10P 18V Brushless 4-1/2 – 5 In. Angle Grinder with Paddle Switch
(1) GBA18V80 18V CORE18V® Lithium-Ion 8 Ah High Power Battery
(1) BC1880 18V Fast Battery Charger
(1) Vibration-Control Handle
(1) Wheel Guard
(1) Tool-Free Quick Change Lock Nut
(1) Backing Flange
(1) Wrench
(1) Carrying Bag

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Product Highlights

The Bosch GWS18V-10P 18V Brushless 4-1/2 – 5 In. Angle Grinder is an ergonomic, robust grinder that is engineered with a narrow grip zone for best user comfort and considerable power. It delivers the ultimate combination of performance, control, and power in a cordless grinder. The grinder’s brushless motor provides performance comparable to a 10-amp corded grinder and greater efficiency that maximizes runtime and productivity. The grinder has a brake system, which helps provide a rapid stop of the wheel when the switch is turned off. It also includes other advanced electronics such as KickBack Control, restart protection, and constant electronics for constant speed under load. The grinder features a multi-grip paddle switch, which provides increased grip options for better comfort and control and a gearhead mounting collar that's compatible with all Bosch grinder guards. The kit includes a CORE18V® 8 Ah High Performance Battery, which is optimized for PROFACTOR™ tools and delivers 2x more runtime than the GBA18V40.