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brushless-rivet-tool-18V-GRG18V-3600C-4Ah-Core-Bosch-Closeup-App-New2 brushless-rivet-tool-18V-GRG18V-3600C-4Ah-Core-Bosch-Closeup-App-New2
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GRG18V-3600CN Professional

Specialty Tools

18V Brushless Connected Rivet Tool (Bare Tool)

  • Two-mode operation – includes automatic running of the riveting operation and manual mode for individual riveting control
  • Easy to handle – designed to provide balanced handling
  • Compatible with a range of rivets – installs aluminum and stainless-steel blind rivets in size 1/8 In., 5/32 In., 3/16 In., and 1/4 In. diameter
  • Efficient riveting – offers a stroke length of 0.98 In. and 3,595 Lbs. of pull force
  • Nosepiece magazine – easily accessible for quick nosepiece change outs between four sizes
  • Mandrel container - helps prevent broken-off rivet mandrels from falling onto the ground
  • Onboard user interface – provides maintenance reminders, tool status feedback and allows for changes between auto/manual modes
  • Built-in connectivity – links to a connected device via Bosch Toolbox App without the need for a separate connected module
  • Jaw Maintenance Reminder - allows tracking of maintenance schedule of jaws inside tool via the onboard user interface and the Bosch Toolbox App
  • Jaw Cleaning Reminder - provides reminder to clean the jaws after prolonged usage via the onboard user interface and the Bosch Toolbox App
  • Brushless motor - provides efficient power and outstanding runtime
  • On-tool wrench storage - for convenient nosepiece changes
  • LED worklight - illuminates dark work areas
  • Bosch 18V cordless power tools are covered by a five year limited warranty – for details, visit https://rb-pt.io/PowerToolWarranty or call 1-877-BOSCH99

GRG18V-3600CN Professional

GRG18V-3600CN Professional

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Order number: 06019K5010

Technical data

The most important data

Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Chuck Size Not Applicable
Height in 9.6 "
Length in 11.4 "
No Load RPM 0-1,000
Overall Length in 11.4
Pulling Force (lbs) 3,600
Stroke Length (in) 1
Weight 3.5 lb
Weight (lbs.) 3.5
Width in 2.6 "
Includes (1) GRG18V-3600C 18V Brushless Connected Rivet Tool
(4) Nosepieces
(1) Mandrel Container
(1) Nosepiece Wrench
(1) Belt Clip
(1) Additional Clamping Jaw Set

GRG18V-3600CN Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The Bosch GRG18V-3600C 18V Brushless Connected Rivet Tool conveniently installs blind rivets without changing internal tool components, which helps to get the job done faster. It pulls a wide range of aluminum and stainless-steel blind rivets from 1/8 In. to 1/4 In. diameter. The rivet tool features two modes: automatic running of the riveting operation and manual mode for individual fastening control. It delivers a constant pulling force of 3,595 Lbs. and is designed to provide balanced handling. The rivet tool includes a nosepiece magazine, four nosepieces in different sizes and a nosepiece wrench. Each item is easily accessible on the upper part of the tool. It also features built-in connectivity, letting the user link to a connected device via the Bosch Toolbox App to customize settings and receive detailed feedback. The Jaw Maintenance Reminder, accessible via onboard user interface or the App, allows tracking of the maintenance schedule of the jaws. The Jaw Cleaning Reminder, also accessible via onboard user interface or the App, provides a reminder for cleaning the jaws after prolonged usage. The mandrel container helps prevent broken-off rivet mandrels from falling onto the ground. This 18V rivet tool helps maximize productivity on the jobsite with quick and convenient rivet installation.