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GBA12V60 Professional

12V Max Batteries, Chargers & Starter Kits

12V Max Lithium-Ion 6.0 Ah Battery

  • More battery performance per charge – designed to increase performance per charge over previous-generation batteries, to drive high-powered Bosch 12 V Max tools
  • Longer runtime – engineered to deliver up to 50% more runtime than previous-generation 12 V Max 4.0 Ah batteries at the same weight
  • Efficient size – designed to provide 12 V Max power and 6.0 Ah in a lightweight 0.8 Lbs. battery pack
  • Cold weather operation – works in temperatures down to -4° F
  • System compatibility – operates with all Bosch 12 V Max Lithium-ion power tools and chargers
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GBA12V60 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Weight 0.8 lb
Includes (1) GBA12V60 12V Max Lithium-Ion 6.0 Ah Battery

GBA12V60 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The Bosch GBA12V60 12 V Max Lithium-Ion battery is the most compact 6.0 Ah battery in its class, and it delivers the best runtime for the Bosch 12 V Max tool lineup. With up to 50 percent more runtime than the standard 4.0 Ah 12 V Lithium-Ion battery, this 12 Volt Max extended capacity pack is engineered for efficiency. The battery is 100% compatible with all Bosch 12 V Max Lithium-Ion power tools. It provides cold weather operation down to -4° F.

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