Drywall Tool Attachments

2600460050 Professional

Drywall Tool Attachments

TEK Depth Gauge Nosepiece

  • For use with SG250 screwgun
  • Short aluminum front end for nut-driving
  • Wide opening for nut-drivers up to 3/8 In. in diameter
  • Posi-Lock™ design allows depth gauge nosepiece to be removed from tool and reattached without affecting the depth setting

2600460050 Professional

Technical data

The most important data

Material Aluminum and Black Plastic
Pack Quantity 1
Size in 1/2"
Used on Model No. SG250
Includes TEK Depth Gauge Nosepiece

2600460050 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The 2600460050 depth gauge/nose piece works with the Bosch SG250 screw gun. Its Posi-Lock™ design allows this depth gauge to be removed from the tool and reattached without affecting the depth setting. The 2600460050 has the short wide aluminum front end needed to drive nuts of various sizes. Depth adjustment range of 1/2 In. (12 mm). This depth gauge also has a feature for removing bit tips from the screw gun's bit holder.

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