For Random Orbital Sanders & Wall, Drywall Sanders

Multi-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs for Wood

For random orbital sanders

  • Fast Sanding of Paint and Wood
  • Multi-hole design – made to optimize dust extraction
  • Calcium stearate grit – designed for speed and durability in tough environments
  • Durability – engineered to help ensure the disc resists clogging for performance and stability
  • Professional quality – provides superior performance for wood applications
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Paint on Wood
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Grit 4 options

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Multi-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs for Wood

Expert Sanding Discs for Wood

Expert Sanding Discs for Wood
  • 1

    Exceptional abrasion with Bosch Surface Structure.

  • 2

    Grain alignment during production ensures aggressive cut.

  • 3

    Grain distribution optimized for high speed sanding.

For random orbital sanders

Fits tools of most brands


Just stick it on with hook and loop.


Multi-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs for fastest sanding of wood and paint

Sanding large surfaces is a time-consuming job: Frustratingly, many sandpapers rapidly clog with dust and lose their abrasiveness, making a long process even longer. By combining sharp grains and anti-clogging technology, the Bosch Multi-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs for Wood maintains its exceptional capabilities throughout. This means you can work faster, for longer, without compromising on the finish.

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Product Options

Available product options: 8

Part number Grit Perforation Pack quantity
SRM5R040 40 Multi-Hole 5
SRM5R060 60 Multi-Hole 5
SRM5R080 80 Multi-Hole 5
SRM5R120 120 Multi-Hole 5
SRM6R040 40 Multi-Hole 5
SRM6R060 60 Multi-Hole 5
SRM6R080 80 Multi-Hole 5
SRM6R120 120 Multi-Hole 5

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