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Tree House

The World’s Most Amazing Tree Houses – Which Will You Build?

Tree House

Living the dream, off-grid

Who hasn’t dreamt of building a tree house?

If you’ve actually built one, you know the challenges and possibilities that come along with the construction. Each tree is unique in its own right. Building a solid frame is essential for the structural integrity of a tree house. Branch thickness, height and location vary making it tough to calculate points of contact, let alone build a level flooring surface. Similar to building a real house, a tree house relies heavily on the foundation and framing. It is important to pick the flattest area you can find in a sturdy tree.

Tree House

The first step would be to construct the deck or base by connecting the perimeter of the trees to use as a foundation. This can be done with 2x8s using lag bolts to fasten the timbers together at every joint. You can use Bosch Daredevil spade bits to pre-drill holes for lag bolts. Next, attach the girders and floor joists and finish by attaching pressure-treated plywood on top. Frame the walls to the desired height and position them on the deck base. Once positioned, attach them together using pressure-treated nails.

Frame out the gable end and attach a ridge beam that spans the length of the roof to the gable end. Attach rafters to the ridge beam starting in the middle, then cover the roof with pressure-treated material. Frame the windows, add a truss and railing around the perimeter and finally build a ladder for the entrance. Add details and finishing touches to personalize your new space and give it additional character.

What some see as a simple reprieve from neighbors and a bond with nature, others are making into reality. Check out world’s most amazing tree houses from all over the planet for inspiration and ideas .

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