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Mike Stover

DAREDEVIL SPOTLIGHT: Mike Stover, Case-Hole Engineer, West Virginia

What is your trade/profession and how did you first get involved in it? (e.g. How long have you been doing this? Were you ever in a similar trade? Tell us how you started working this job.) Also, what do you enjoy most about your job and what’s the most exciting part of it?

I started working in the oil field in 1984 when companies were placing ads for workers. I started out as a perforating gun builder, then a rig hand (rigger), and after many years of hard work, I got a job as a case-hole engineer. I evaluate formations (behind casing) and provide multiple intervention and mechanical services, such as perforating, pipe recovery and production logging. My favorite part of the job is using advanced electro-explosive devices that are designed specifically for application with perforating guns and other explosive devices. How could I ever get bored with a job where I get to use explosives? That’s every man’s dream job.


Daredevils work hard and play hard, what are the “play hard” leisure activities you do off the clock (e.g. fishing, riding dirt bikes, rappelling, hiking, mountain climbing, etc). What is the most memorable experience you had “playing hard?”

I spend my free time training for half marathon races with my wife, Scherie. We try to get several races in a year and it keeps us very busy. My other passion is working on our 2001 Trans Am, which was a gift that I gave my son for graduation. We spend many weekends using my Bosch power tools adding to and upgrading this car.

Like any Daredevil, you obviously have a knack for finding the best life has to offer. A lifestyle of performance, creativity and bold efficiency isn’t complete without a fun tale. Tell us a story about when you took a calculated risk, played a practical joke on a fellow tradesman or about one of the most extreme jobsites you’ve encountered in your career.

Most of my jobsites are extreme! I live in West Virginia, which is mainly mountains. So almost every jobsite is several miles up the side of a mountain without a real road; any wrong turn and you could go off the mountain. On rainy days they usually use dozers to pull our trucks into locations. I have seen a few occasions where this wasn’t successful. I worked a few years ago on a jobsite where a truck went off the side of a cliff and the driver died. A well site is no place to rely on rookies – inexperience is dangerous and costly. I risk my life every day, but I wouldn’t change my job and could never see myself doing anything else.

What Daredevil products do you use and how do you use them?

At work we use a lot of circular saw blades for metal cutting and also spade bits and auger bits . We use reciprocating blades for a lot of metal cutting on locations and in our shop. We also use grinder wheels . The most useful product that I have in my truck is the Bosch wire wheel. They are great at removing build-up from tools and have saved the day several times.

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