Adapters and Bit Holders

Impact Tough™ Magnetic Sleeve

For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers, For screwdrivers

  • Impact Tough™ Magnetic Sleeve for a firm hold of screws to screwdriver bits
  • Impact Tough™ Magnetic Sleeve design – provides a magnetized bit end to hold screws better when using Bosch Impact Tough™ Double-Ended Driver Bits
  • Strong magnet – delivers a secure hold on the screw
  • Secure hold – easily attaches to double-ended bits
  • Specially designed – works only with Bosch Double-Ended Impact Tough™ bits
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Stainless Steel
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Impact Tough™ Magnetic Sleeve ITMAGSL

Firm hold on screws to bits

The Bosch Impact Tough™ Magnetic Sleeve is designed to work with Bosch Double-Ended Impact Tough™ bits to magnetize the end of the bit, so the screws are easier to hold for drilling. It is designed specifically to work with the Double-Ended bits. It provides a strong magnet for a secure hold. Place the bit in the sleeve, put the screw on the bit, and drive.

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