Screwdriver Bits

Impact Tough™ Double-Ended Power Bits

For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers, For screwdrivers

  • Impact Tough™ Double-Ended Power Bits are highly robust and ideal for heavy duty applications
  • 10X life over standard impact bits
  • Xtended Torsion Zone helps to absorb high-torque of new impact drivers
  • Precision-engineered tips for a tighter fit and less cam out
  • Heat-treated manufacturing for stronger bit
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Stainless Steel
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Impact Tough™ Double-Ended Power Bits
For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers, For screwdrivers

Fits tools of most brands


Hex shank for maximum power transfer in standard three-jaw drills and hexagonal drill driver chucks.

Highly robust bits

Bosch Impact Tough™ Impact Driver Bits have been upgraded to deliver 10X life over standard impact bits. With an Xtended Torsion Zone, precision engineering and heat-treated manufacturing process, these bits deliver tough torque and power for longer – and with less cam out.

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Product Options

Available product options: 69

Part number Dimensions, 1st bit Dimensions, 2nd bit Pack quantity
ITDEP2R23501 P2R2 P2R2 1
ITDEP2R26B P2R2 P2R2 10
ITDEP2R2601 P2R2 P2R2 1
ITDESQ125B R1 R1 10
ITDESQ135B R1 R1 10
ITDESQ16B R1 R1 10
ITDESQ235B R2 R2 10
ITDESQ325B R3 R3 10
ITDESQ335B R3 R3 10
ITDESQ36B R3 R3 10
ITDESQV2503 R1 / R2 / R3 R1 / R2 / R3 3
ITDESQ12503 R1 R1 3
ITDESQ13501 R1 R1 1
ITDESQ1601 R1 R1 1
ITDESQ22503 R2 R2 3
ITDESQ23501 R2 R2 1
ITDESQ2601 R2 R2 1
ITDEPH36B P3 P3 10
ITDEPH3601 P3 P3 1
ITDEP2R225B P2R2 P2R2 10
ITDEP2R235B P2R2 P2R2 10
ITDESQ32503 R3 R3 3
ITDET203501 T20 T20 1
ITDET206B T20 T20 10
ITDET20601 T20 T20 1
ITDET2525B T25 T25 10
ITDET252503 T25 T25 3
ITDET2535B T25 T25 10
ITDESQ33501 R3 R3 1
ITDESQ3601 R3 R3 1
ITDET253501 T25 T25 1
ITDET256B T25 T25 10
ITDET3025B T30 T30 10
ITDET302503 T30 T30 3
ITDET3035B T30 T30 10
ITDET303501 T30 T30 1
ITDET306B T30 T30 10
ITDEV2503 P2 / R2 / T25 P2 / R2 / T25 3
ITDEP2R22503 P2R2 P2R2 3
ITDESQ26B R2 R2 10
ITDETV2503 T20 / T25 / T30 T20 / T25 / T30 3
ITDET1525B T15 T15 10
ITDET152503 T15 T15 3
ITDET1535B T15 T15 10
ITDET153501 T15 T15 1
ITDET156B T15 T15 10
ITDET15601 T15 T15 1
ITDET2025B T20 T20 10
ITDESQ225B R2 R2 10
ITDET25601 T25 T25 1
ITDET202503 T20 T20 3
ITDET2035B T20 T20 10
ITDEPH235B P2 P2 10
ITDEPH23501 P2 P2 1
ITDEPH26B P2 P2 10
ITDEPH2601 P2 P2 1
ITDEPH325B P3 P3 10
ITDEPH32503 P3 P3 3
ITDEPH335B P3 P3 10
ITDET30601 T30 T30 1
ITDEPHV2503 P1 / P2 / P3 P1 / P2 / P3 3
ITDEPH125B P1 P1 10
ITDEPH12503 P1 P1 3
ITDEPH135B P1 P1 10
ITDEPH13501 P1 P1 1
ITDEPH16B P1 P1 10
ITDEPH1601 P1 P1 1
ITDEPH22503 P2 P2 3
ITDEPH33501 P3 P3 1

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