Adapters and Bit Holders

Impact Tough™ Bit Holders

For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers, For screwdrivers

  • Impact Tough™ Bit Holders are a good choice for universal screwdriving applications
  • Impact Tough™ design – provides 10X life over standard bits, with an Xtended Torsion Zone, hardened core and precision tip
  • Xtended Torsion Zone – helps to absorb the torque peaks of impact drivers to avoid breakage
  • Advanced design – provides secure fit
  • Heat-treated manufacturing – provides increased durability
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Stainless Steel
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Impact Tough™ Bit Holders
For rotary drills/drivers, For impact drill/drivers, For screwdrivers

Fits tools of most brands


Hex shank for maximum power transfer in standard three-jaw drills and hexagonal drill driver chucks.

Highly robust

The Bosch Impact Tough™ Driver Bit features an Xtended Torsion Zone and has been upgraded to deliver 10X life over a Bosch standard bit. This impact-rated bit absorbs torque peaks to reduce stress on the fastener. The tip of the bit is precision designed and machined for a better-integrated fit and reduced cam out.

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Product Options

Available product options: 5

Part number Drive end Inch Shank Total length in Pack quantity
ITBHQC201 1/4 1/4" external hex 21 1
ITBH201 1/4 1/4" external hex 2 1
ITDG301 1/4 1/4" external hex 2 1
ITBH601 1/4 1/4" external hex 6 1
ITBH301 1/4 1/4" external hex 3 1

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