Drill Bit Sets

High-Speed Steel Turbo Step Drill Bit Sets

For rotary drills/drivers

Drilling Several Diameters

  • HSS Step Drill Bit performs smooth drilling in several diameters with one drill bit
  • Cordless step drill bit design – made for smooth drilling in cordless drills using high-speed and low-speed mode
  • 2X cutting edges and optimized angles on the bit steps
  • 2X longer life and clean holes – designed for burr-free holes, these bits help manage heat for longer bit life
  • 2X holes per charge – features efficient operation to boost user productivity
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Metal Sandwich
Non Ferrous Metals
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High-Speed Steel Turbo Step Drill Bit Sets

Drilling several diameters


The HSS Step Drill Bit performs smooth, burr-free drilling in several diameters with one drill bit. It is ideal for deburring, for drilling round holes and for enlarging existing ones. Pre-punching is not necessary, because the split-point tip allows for an easy start. Its CNC ground spiral flute enables optimised chip removal and less vibration for even drilling. The highest cutting performance and absolute smoothness are guaranteed due to axial and radial relief grinding. This step drill bit is suitable for use on thin materials, such as non-ferrous metals, sheet plastic, sheet steel, plastic and stainless steel.

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Product Options

Available product options: 3

Part number Version Step diameter (range), from inch Step diameter (range), to inch Pack quantity
SDC30 HSS 1/8 1/2 3
IMSDC003 HSS 1/8 1/2 3
IMSDC002 HSS 3/16 7/8 2

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