Metal Drill Bits

High-Speed Steel Countersinks

For rotary drills/drivers

Designed for deburring and countersinking in soft metal

  • Precision Deburring and Countersinking in Soft Metal
  • For rotary drills/drivers
  • Cylindrical shank compatible with three-jaw drill chucks.
  • Self-starting point starts on contact
  • Balanced double flute
  • Eliminates chatter and vibration
  • Trailing flute automatically deburrs holes


Stainless Steel
Metal Pipes & Profiles
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High-Speed Steel Countersinks


Need a reliable countersink bit to deburr and countersink with precision in soft, non-ferrous metal? Try the High-Speed Steel Countersink Bit. We designed it for effective deburring and countersinking of pre-drilled holes.

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Product Options

Available product options: 3

Part number Diameter in Shank diameter inch Step height Total length in Pack quantity
CSH1C 0.5 1/4 82° 3 1
CSH3C 0.75 1/4 82° 3 1
CSH2C 0.625 1/4 82° 3 1

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