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Foam Rubber Cutter Blades

For foam rubber cutters

  • Foam Rubber Cutter Blades ensure exact cutting in soft materials
  • Ideal for cutting soft and elastic materials
  • Will cut carpeting, foam rubber, flexible plastic foams
  • Ensures exact cutting as two blades saw together in tandem
  • For use with Bosch 1575A Foam Rubber Cutter
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Foam Rubber Cutter Blades

Exact cutting in soft materials

The Bosch foam rubber cutter is heavy-duty, fast, and is designed for production-cutting of various densities such as foam rubber, flexible plastic foams, and most types of carpeting. The foam cutter uses a twin-blade counter-reciprocating action to ensure precise cutting, plus low vibration and noise.

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2607018010 5" 2
2607018013 3" 2
2607018012 12" 2
2607018011 8" 2

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