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Carbide-Tipped Multi-Bead / Reed Bit

For hand-held routers, For Palm Routers

  • Carbide-Tipped Multi-Bead / Reed Bit delivers high cutting performance for decorative edging
  • Used for creating classic triple beading with fillets in one pass
  • Control cut design helps minimize kickback
  • Smoothly radiused edge requires little or no sanding before applying finish
  • Micrograin carbide tips provide superior wear resistance and long life
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MDF Medium Density Fiberboard
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1/8 In. x 1 In. Carbide Tipped Multi Bead/Reed Bit 84611M

High cutting performance for decorative edging

Premium-quality micrograin carbide tips are ground on specialized CNC equipment for an extra-fine finish with maximum sharpness and edge retention.

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Part number Shank Inch Radius (R1) Inch Diameter (D) Inch Pack quantity
84611M 1/2 - 7/8 1

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