Drill Bit Sets

SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Rotary Hammer Drill Bit Sets

For rotary hammer drills

Lasts up to 1.5x longer than a Bosch SDS plus-1 Drill Bit

  • Longer Life Drilling in Reinforced Concrete
  • High-quality, tough tungsten carbide ensures strength and durability
  • Optimized brazing and hardening process for long life
  • Bosch-made carbide tips are tougher and more durable under heavy loads
  • Centric tip ensures quick starts in concrete
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Reinforced Concrete
Solid Brick
Lime and Sand Bricks
Hard Stone
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SDS-plus® Bulldog Rotary Hammer Bits HCST006
For rotary hammer drills

Fits tools of most brands


Fits all SDS plus rotary hammer drills.

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Part number Working length in Total length in Pack quantity
HCST006 4 6 6

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