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SDS-max® Hammer Steel Gouge

For rotary hammer drills, For demolition hammers

  • SDS-max® Hammer Steel Gouge is ideal for easily cutting narrow channels in brick
  • For working in channels in concrete and masonry without slipping out of the groove
  • Designed for cutting grooves into a wall surface to hold pipe work or electrical conduit
  • Fits Bosch SDS-max® hammers, competitive SDS-max® driver hammers and Hilti hammers using TE-Y and TE-FY shanks (sold separately)
  • Manufactured with a proprietary heat-treat process
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Concrete Building Block
Lime and Sand Bricks
Solid Brick
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1 In. x 12 In. Gouge SDS-max® Hammer Steel HS1929
For rotary hammer drills, For demolition hammers

Fits tools of most brands


Fits all SDS max rotary hammer drills.

For rotary hammer drills

Bosch offers a full assortment of SDS-max® hammer steel points and chisels. Bosch brings constant innovation to concrete and masonry drilling with increased efficiency and higher durability.

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Part number Total length, inch Chisel cutting edge in Shank, shape Pack quantity
HS1929 12 1 SDS max 1

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