Miter Saw Attachments

Airsweep™ Vacuum Hose Adapter
  • Connects 2-1/2 In. hoses to tools that have ports for 35 mm hoses
  • For use with the Bosch Airsweep™ vacuum
  • Includes 4 adapters
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Folding-Leg Miter Saw Stand with Wheels
  • Rapid-release universal tool mounts – fits most competitors’ saws; saws are removable without tools; rubber feet protect table or benchtops
  • Adjustable roller material supports with repetitive stops – move workpiece left or right easily; adjusts to accommodate various sized saws
  • Transport wheels – easily move stand from location to location without removing saw
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Miter Saw Laser Washer Guide
  • Fits Models 4405, 4410, 4410L, 4212, 4212L, 5412, 5412L, 5312, CM12, CM10GD, GCM12SD
  • Ultra-thin laser tracking line
  • Never requires realignment
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Extra-Long Base Support Rods for Slide Miter Saws
  • Includes two rods
  • Extends base support
  • Maximum base width with rods is 60 in. wide
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Miter Saw Crown Stop Kit
  • Supports crown molding when nested against miter saw fence
  • Works with Bosch 4412, 4410, 4410L, 5312, 5412, and 5412L slide miter saws
  • Mounts to either side of saw
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Crown Stop Kit for Miter Saws
  • Works with Bosch miter saws GCM12SD, CM10GD, CM12, CM8S, CM12SD, 5412, 4410, 4405, 4310 and 4212
  • Allows crown molding to be nested against fence for simple miter cuts with no beveling required
  • Easily positioned out of the way on the tool when not in use
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Length Stop Kit
  • Mounts on either side of the saw, for use with most Bosch miter saws
  • Ideal for making repetitive cuts at the same length
  • Package includes all needed mounting hardware
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Glide Miter Saw Support Extensions
  • Designed for use with Bosch model CM10GD
  • Expands miter saw's workpiece support
  • Includes both left extension and right extension
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Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand
  • Integrated out feed and supports — up to 18 Ft. of material support capacity
  • Adjustable telescoping leveling leg — provides stability on uneven surfaces
  • Adjustable height out feed — up to 12 In.
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Airsweep™ Vacuum Hose Adapter
  • Fits inside vacuum cleaner hose ports on Bosch router, planer, grinder, and circular saw tools & attachments
  • Fits over vacuum cleaner hose ports on most --- but not all --- Bosch sander, jigsaw, and hammer tools & attachments. (VAC024 adapter will fit over vacuum cleaner hose ports on additional Bosch sander, jigsaw, and hammer tools & attachments)
  • Designed for use with common north American vacuum hose sizes (1-1/4" & 1-1/2" hoses)
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Airsweep™ Vacuum Hose Adapter
  • Connects 2-1/2 In. vacuum hoses to nozzles and tool dust ports that are sized for 35 mm hoses
  • Designed for use with common North America vacuum hose sizes (2-1/2 In. hoses)
  • 1-3/8 In. tool end outside diameter
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