FSN2100 Riel de 82.6

Riel de 82.6" para sierra de incisión GKT13-225

Descripción del producto


This 82.5 In. (2100mm) track-saw track is part of the Bosch track-guidance system and works with the Bosch GKT13-225 Track Saw. The FSN2100 track is precisely straight and manufactured with exacting tolerances. It includes an anti-splinter guard for clean cuts and two rubberized traction strips for non-slip positioning, each custom molded to securely interlock with a slot in the track. The track-guidance system allows precise end-to-end cuts and plunge cuts, and it is accurate and easy to work with. The tracks can be joined quickly and easily with the FSNVEL connector (sold separately). The track saw, along with the tracks, can make a more-easily transportable alternative to a table saw to a jobsite. The cuts are table-saw quality, with virtually no splinters.


  • (1) 82.5 In. Track
  • Tapas terminales (izquierda y derecha)
  • Cinta antifragmentación
  • Cintas de tracción
FSN2100 Riel de 82.6

Datos técnicos


Compatible con Sierras de incisión
Abrazaderas para rieles
Conector de riel
Guía de ingletes para rieles
Limitador de desplazamiento rieles
Adaptador rebajadora de riel
Cinta antifragmentación de repuesto
Tira de tracción de repuesto
Tapas terminales de repuesto
Longitud 82.5["]
Material Aluminio
Peso 4.6lb
Incluye (1) 82.5 In. Track, Tapas terminales (izquierda y derecha), Cinta antifragmentación, Cintas de tracción


  • Precisely straight 82.5 In. (2100mm) track-saw track – manufactured with exacting tolerances to work with the Bosch GKT13-225 Track Saw and a fully featured track-guidance system
  • Anti-splinter guard – interlocks with the track to help ensure clean splinter-free cuts
  • Rubberized traction strips – interlock with the track to helps ensure the track grips the workpiece for non-slip positioning
  • Quick connection – tracks can be joined quickly and easily with the FSNVEL connector (sold separately)
  • Light, convenient, portable system – easily transportable saw and track system provide an alternative to a table saw
  • Works with Bosch GKT13-225 Track Saw with Plunge Action – provides fast, easy setup for one-step straight and clean finish cuts in wood and wood-based sheet goods such as laminated particle boards and plywood
  • Full range of optional track attachments – designed to deliver the best cutting experience