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CAL Guard

Monitors Laser Tool for Calibration Risk Events**

NOTE: CAL Guard does not inform the user if the tool is out of calibration, but rather indicates when a calibration risk event has occurred

Leveling Remote App

A mobile solution for users to control their connected Bosch laser leveling tools and monitor the laser status via Bluetooth® connection
  • Control the laser level functions remotely
    • Turn laser ON/OFF
    • Choose laser line operating modes
    • Adjust laser line visibility
  • Check the status of laser leveling tool
  • View and manage the CAL Guard technology

* Based on testing 2018. Bosch GLL3-330C with 12V MAX 2.0 Ah BAT414 battery pack vs. deWalt® DW0811LR with 12V MAX 2.0 Ah DCB127 battery pack. Bosch GLL3-330 at maximum laser power setting.

** Available in the NEW Leveling Remote App. CAL Guard Technology built into the GLL3-330C and GLL3-330CG

*** Works with Bosch Connected Laser Levels via Bluetooth®: GLL3-330CG